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Privacy Policy

Dear our respected users :


Thank you for downloading the DIGISAHAM platform. We always try to do our best, including trying to grow and maintain your trust as a user of our application by protecting your personal information which is private and confidential.

By accessing & registering as a user of the DIGISAHAM service, the User states that any data provided is valid, and the User agrees to DIGISAHAM to obtain, collect, manage, and feed the data as stated in the DIGISAHAM Privacy Policy and Terms.

We may change these terms and conditions from time to time, and therefore you are expected to check regularly. Your joining with DIGISAHAM means that you accept any new or modified terms and conditions.

DIGISAHAM protects all information provided by users when users use all DIGISAHAM services, including maintaining confidentiality, integrity and personal data that they manage.


By registering, you represent that all information and changes that you provide, now or in the future, are accurate and true as is. If the information and including the changes that you provide prove to be incorrect, then we hereby declare that we are not responsible for any consequences that may occur in connection with the provision of such incorrect information and changes.

Data / information required

For registration purposes in DIGISAHAM, we will require your personal data, including the following:

1. Full name;

2. Email address;

3. Contact Cellphone / Telephone Number

We will keep all the information provided by you with due regard to security factors.


We will take reasonable precautions to prevent misuse or alteration of your personal information. Although all information is transmitted via secure protocols, data transmission over the internet is inherently insecure, and we cannot guarantee the security that is transmitted over the internet.


Purpose of Data Collection

Information and personal data obtained by us in connection with the registration made by you, will only be used for:

  1. Processing applications and / or all forms of registration and / or communication submitted by you;

  2. Communicate with you

  3. Provide feedback to those of you who want to get further information and / or information about DIGISAHAM;

  4. Carrying out research for the development of the DIGISAHAM application, improving our services and / or fulfilling your requests for products and services provided by DIGISAHAM.

  5. Disclosure to the authorities on indications of legal violations committed by certain USERS.


Providing and Disclosing Information to Other Parties

That except for the purposes of data collection as disclosed above, DIGISAHAM will not sell, transfer, distribute and / or disclose your personal information and data to other people and / or unauthorized third parties.

However, we can provide the information as intended to parties that are still related to us on the condition that these parties are required to comply with this Privacy Policy. These parties include, among others:

1. Business partners assigned by us to assist in the application process, investigation and verification of your personal data;

2. Other parties on behalf of us are obliged to carry out a job which in its implementation needs to know the protected information.

In the event that it is required and / or ordered by the Court and / or an official of an Indonesian government agency based on the legal authority granted by the provisions of the law, in order to fulfill the order we can open access to the required information as intended. In this connection, you agree to release us from all claims, demands and or lawsuits relating to providing access to such information.

Basic Regulations and Requirements Modification

The use of the application, and the information that is shared with this application, is offered to you on the basis of your willingness to accept our Privacy Policy, and other notices contained in this application. By using the application or all the content in this application, it means that you acknowledge and agree to our Privacy Policy, and other notices contained in this application. If you do not agree to be bound by and comply with these provisions, you are welcome not to use and / or visit DIGISAHAM.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to change, add to, or remove any of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy without your knowledge and consent. Any changes to this Privacy Policy are effective and immediately follow the notification of changes in this application. You agree to review this Privacy Policy from time to time and agree that any subsequent use of the application as a result of changes to this Privacy Policy indicates your acceptance of all these changes without exception.


The terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy are subject to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

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