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an intelligent real time capital market information application based on Whatsapp messenger


easy-to-use yet informative content with intuitive alerts and notifications


personalization on multiple watch lists with parameterized push/pull and interval time notifications


build on highly scalable architecture connected host-to-host to Whatsapp for maximum service level of availability

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  • Max watchlist : 5

  • Max alert price : 5


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  • Unlimited Alert

  • Unlimited Monitoring

  • Max broker summary : 2

  • Chart  1W, 1M, 3M, 6M, YTD, 1Y, 3Y, 5Y




  • Unlimited Alert

  • Unlimited Monitoring

  • Unlimited Broker Summary

  • Chart  1W, 1M, 3M, 6M, YTD, 1Y, 3Y, 5Y


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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is DigiSaham?

  • DigiSaham is a real-time capital market information smart application based in Whatsapp Messenger platform.


2. How to us DigiSaham?

  1. Save DigiSaham's WA number 0811-4560-8888

  2. Open DigiSaham's WA and type "MCAS"

  3. The command list will appear. Type the desired command and receive the reply.


3. What features are available on DigiSaham?

  • real time stock information

  • real time transaction information (up to 10 level)

  • multiple watch list

  • push/pull notification with interval time

  • pricing alert threshold

  • portfolio

  • and many more


4. Are investors able to make transactions using DigiSaham ?

  • Investors are not able to make transactions using the DigiSaham platform.


5. What are the available subscription plans?

  • Free 

    • Max Watchlist: 5

    • Max alert: 5

    • Check stock price

  • Gold (Rp. 20.000/month)

    • Alert unlimited, broadcast

    • Chart - intraday, 1d, 1w, 1M, 3M, 6M, YTD, 1Y, 3Y, 5Y

    • Monitoring/Broker Summary (max 2)

  • Diamond (Rp. 100.000/month)

    • Alert unlimited, broadcast

    • Chart - intraday, 1d, 1w, 1M, 3M, 6M, YTD, 1Y, 3Y, 5Y

    • Monitoring/Broker Summary (unlimited)

6. How do I subscribe to DigiSaham?

  1. Open DigiSaham's Whatsapp

  2. Type “PAYMENT”

  3. Type “2” (Extend Subscription) to subscribe

  4. Type the corresponding number to the desired subscription plan

  5. Type the corresponding number to the desired payment method

  6. You have successfully subscribed to DigiSaham. Type “HELP” to return to the command list


7. What are the command lists available in DigiSaham?

  • Type the command below according to your desired action:



  • list (show your watchlist)

  • add 1 mcas (add MCAS to your watchlist #1)

  • add 1 mcas nfcx diva dmmx (add multiple stocks to your watchlist #1)

  • add 1 aali (add AALI to your watchlist #1)

  • add 2 bmri (add BMRI to your watchlist #2)

  • del 1 aali (remove AALI from watchlist #1)

  • w (show info on all watchlist)

  • w 1 (show info on watchlist #1)


(to push the watchlist, see notification setting below)


Individual stocks

  • mcas (display mcas data. You can show all IDX stock code here.)


Individual broker

  • YP (display broker name)



  • push (set push notification for all the watchlist)

  • pull (stop notification, and move the mechanism to pull)

  • set notif interval 5  (set notification interval. In minutes, default 1 min)

  • notif (show all notification setting)


 Set Alert

  • alert bmri 5500 (set alert for BMRI if reached 5500)

  • alert bmri 4500 4600 4700 4800 (set alert for BMRI for all respective value)

  • alert (show all alert setting)

  • clear bmri (clear all alert on BMRI)


 Monitor (only available for MCAS & DMMX)

  • monitor mcas 500 (notify me when there's buy/sell transaction in 500 lot block)

  • monitor mcas 100 YP (notify me when specific broker YP make transaction 100 lot)

  • *monitor mcas stop * (stop all monitoring MCAS)

  • monitor mcas stop YP (stop all monitoring YP for MCAS)

  • monitor (list all your monitoring status)

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